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TakLin SubTrak Video Coding Program for Observational Research


The program is an event recorder and academic research tool that was designed by Steve Takach, in conjunction with Kristen Lindtvedt and College of Staten Island Anthropology Professor Sonia Ragir for the collection and management of observational data.

It is a vital tool for any researcher who uses focal point observation as their main source of data and use movement, social interaction, behavior, vocalization, etc. to track aspects of interactions between multiple human and/or animal participants.

The SubTrak Program unlike other professional research software packages was created with both highschool and college level research in mind and was designed to be flexible and extremely easy to use.

System Recommendations for TakLin SubTrak are fairly minimal.  We have found it runs under Microsoft’s Windows XP, Vista, and Win7

How to get it: Click the download link above and follow the instructions.

Note: SubTrak may not recognize newer video formats and/or not all features will work (e.g. changing the video speed (though the 'Stutter' feature should work for this).

Unfortunately, no further upgrades are planned at this time. It is possible to convert one video format to another with 3rd party software. Due to the changing nature of what's out there in softwareLand, we decline to give recommendations, however I found one that seems to work (at least as of May 2013).  Click the 'Info' link above for information on it.